Wednesday, August 29, 2007

HarperCollins offers digital book content for iPhone (Reuters)

Wed., Aug 15, 2007

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Publisher HarperCollins said on Wednesday it would make samples from 14 new book titles available for Apple Inc's Web-browsing iPhone in a new effort to extend publishing into digital formats.

Most of the new books will debut in August and September, with the iPhone-compatible versions available at HarperCollins mobile Web site.

Books available for sampling on the iPhone include "The Burnt House" by Faye Kellerman, "Now and Forever" by Ray Bradbury and "Obama" by David Mendell.

HarperCollins' "Browse Inside" applications allows readers to sample pages of its books on the Web. The company began to build up its digital warehouse of published material in 2006 with digital technology firm LibreDigital and now has 10,000 titles available.

iPhone subscribers will be able to view the first 10 pages of chapters one and two of the select group of new books in what HarperCollins described as a pilot program.

After sampling the stories, customers can choose to buy or pre-order the book from retailers through the mobile application.

HarperCollins is part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.


How would you change the Sony Reader?

Engadget noticed the Sony Reader at Best Buy, but it didn't seem to have many takers. Their post asks readers how they'd change it: " ... should they have loaded it up with more flash, or at least made it compatible with memory cards bigger than 4GB? Would out-of-the-box support for Mac and Linux users help? How about a non-crippled RSS reader?"

Lot of interesting comments, so be sure to read those, too.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Six Apart to support Palm Foleo (Blog Herald)

Six Apart is working with Palm, Inc. to give Palm Foleo mobile companion customers access to Six Apart’s wide range of blogging services, including Vox, LiveJournal, TypePad and Movable Type. With these services available on the Foleo, users can keep blog and journal entries up to date and stay current with their communities while on the go.

(more. . .)

Palm Foleo: Sneak Peek

(Screenshot of the Palm Foleo, showing the Handheld Librarian blog.)

Last month I attended a sneak peek in New York for the Palm Foleo mobile companion.

My photos are on Flickr.

Alan Grassia of Foleo Fanatics has an extensive writeup.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Treo 700w Software Update for Verizon Wireless

Palm has issued a new software update for 700W for Verizon users:

Update features:
* High-speed dial up networking (DUN) – use your Treo smartphone as a wireless modem for fast web access virtually anywhere1. Supports USB and Bluetooth connections.
* Advanced audio support (A2DP) – listen to the clear sounds of high-definition audio with new support for Bluetooth stereo headsets.
* Today Screen enhancements – one-touch access to the Speakerphone and Mute control buttons gives you more freedom than ever.
* Hands-free enhancements – Drive safely and work more efficiently. Get support for even more Bluetooth carkits and the Palm wired carkit.
* Abbreviated dialing preferences – save time with the international dialing prefix and abbreviated dialing for campus environments.

More information about the update.