Thursday, February 07, 2002

Handheld computing applications in libraries

Hello! Are you a library that is offering services, training, information, or implementing applications regarding handheld computing? I would like to post links to handheld libraries on this page! If you are interested, send me your web address! You can email to: or! Thanks!

I have had several questions about Avantgo beginning to charge for users setting up websites and sharing information via an Avantgo channel.. This is a concern for many libraries because it is
such a great application to transfer your website information to handheld users. When I set up this channel, it was free, but
the site said it was free only for 1-8 subscribers and if you had more, there would be a fee. As many libraries start to think about
providing content for the handheld user, a way to transfer it from the web to the handheld using a tool like Avantgo becomes a critical
piece. What are others doing? Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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