Friday, February 15, 2002

Handheld Headlines, etc. for Feb. 15/Happy Birthday Handheld Librarians!

Instead of listing these on the right hand side of the page, I will post them each day so they will be archived and handy.

The Handheld Librarian has been up for 2 weeks today. Happy birthday? In 2 weeks, we have had 868 visitors,
and the highest day we had 118 hits. Not bad for a new blogger or whatever we are. Also, today, the Law Library Resource Exchange linked to us.

This information on Mobipocket from Barbara Fullerton, Pioneer Hi-Bred International:
"Mobipocket Publisher enables users to convert their
MS Word, RTF, plain text, HTML and PowerPoint files
into PDA-friendly output formats including LIT.
Files will need to be read using the free Mobipocket
Reader on any of the major PDA platforms, including
PalmOS, WindowsCE and Franklin eBookman. Find out
more or download a demo:

Thanks! If you wish to post, send me an e-mail, and I will send you an invitation
to post right to the blog. If you wish to share information for me to post, please feel
free to send me email at If your library is using handhelds and you
want us to put a link on this page, send the url and the name of the library.

Again, welcome new moderators, Teri Ross Embrey from Chicago Library System and Tom
Peters from the Center for Library Initiatives, Committee on Institutional Cooperation. Teri has
spoken and written about handhelds and is an automation expert. Tom is an electronic publishing
and electronic book expert and has written and spoken widely on those topics as well as a number
of other library topics. Have a great weekend!

Handspring to lower Visors price


On Handhelds

Electric Pocket Forms Relationship for PDA Messenger 3G MMS Solution


On Handhelds

Palm software for OS X a thumbs-up


On Handhelds

This week's Handspring price drops, Neo and Pro

On PDA Buzz

Symbian CEO calls it quits

On PDA Buzz

Ericsson and Electric Pocket Form Relationship for PDA Messenger MMS Solution


Motorola unveils new handset portfolio

"Reveals smartphones and communicators with 3G, J2ME, GPRS and colour screen technology"

On PMN News Centre

2001 shipments rise, Palm share slips again

"Dataquest says handheld shipments up 18% in 2001 as Palm's market share declines again"

On PMN News Centre

Ericsson, Electric Pocket in messaging partnership

"Palm OS graphical messaging application will form part of Ericsson's MMS solution"

On PMN News Centre

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