Thursday, February 14, 2002

Pocket PCs

Good morning! Here is some information on sites for pocket pcs from Sharon Jorski, St. Anthony Hospital,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For freeware, go to Greg's IPAQ and Pocket PC Software List. This site links to a great many freeware titles which can be sorted by category or browsed as a long list

Zippy's Pocket PC Software List is a list of Pocket pc
software in a variety of price ranges and includes freeware.

Medical Pocket PC contains news and reviews of medical software.

Pocket PC Thoughts is a daily news site in the form of a web log
(kind of like this one?)

Pocket PC Passionis another type of web log.

First Annual Best Pocket PC Software Awards Check this out for the
best pocket pc software

Article courtesy of Carol Galganski, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

This site is getting about 100 hits per day and the yahoo group now has 50 members.

Have a great day!

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