Sunday, February 24, 2002

Tell us how you did it!/Handheld device for disabled/Aladdino

Eric, tell us how you did it! How did you post to this via your Palm Pilot?
I am dying to know

is working on Sonorus, a handheld device for the disabled. They think that within 5
years a cell phone will be the most important platform for people with disabilities.
This will be a talking IPAQ.

If you remember my post from a few days ago, wondering about how to handle
charges with Avantgo, I did hear from
a similar company Aladdino, a service
similar to Avantgo. What is interesting is that they want xml or textfeeds from
the page to turn it into a mobile channel. They say they prefer the xml feeds.
For more details on XML feeds please go to:
The Shifted Librarian is on
the ball and on top of technology! Fairly soon, it will not be enough just
to put your web page out there and hope google picks it up. You will have
to put your page into an xml newsfeed as Jenny says because that will
be how people are picking up their news instead of reading the paper, looking
in google, etc. Libraries will need to put their pages in feeds, for people
reading news, finding things on the net, and getting news in a handheld format.
I wonder if newsfeeds may become the new search engines on the Internet.
Well, I hope to learn more about this Wed. when Jenny talks at the ILA RTSF
meeting. I will take good notes and post them here as news feeds relate to
handhelds anyway! Jenny, do you have a magic crystal ball?

Eric, congratulations on all you are doing with radio!
Go to Eric's new Radio blogger.

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