Friday, March 08, 2002

Are there any libraries out there loaning pdas? If so, what kind? Our library
has been loaning out six Handspring visors with core medical content on them such as Five Minute Clinical Consult,
Five Minute Pediatric Consult and Five Minute Emergency Consult. With a grant we received from the Illinois
State Library, we will soon be circulating 22 handspring visors with specialized content on them. For example
there will be 2 pdas with pediatric content, 2 with emergency, 1 with cardiology, etc. If you will
email me
, I will summarize and post to this list.

Are there any libraries looking at and evaluating content to put on handhelds? We are going to be doing this
and I would be interested to hear from anyone else doing the same thing.

Is anyone purchasing group licensing for popular medical content for the handhelds? If you will share your
information, I will share with this list.

Tomorrow, I will share some of the hurdles and frustrations we have had in ordering various medical works
for the handheld computer with different vendor and the purchasing, loading and unlocking of this content.

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