Tuesday, April 16, 2002

New product from Unbound Medicine

This from Christoper Garriga at Unbound Medicine:
"As you seem interested in new research programs that have been
developed for
the palm, I thought you might be interested in our latest product,
Harrison's On Hand. Today Harrison's On Hand
(http://www.harrisonsonhand.com) was released in conjunction with our
business partner McGraw Hill. Like Ovid@Hand, Harrison's On Hand is
on the CogniQ platform from Unbound Medicine (www.unboundmedicine.com).
There is a nifty demo on the Harrison's on Hand website (could even be
for training purposes).

If you're interested in trying the CogniQ platform, we currently have a
free-trial going in partnership with the BMJ Publishing Group

How great to hear about a new product on the day of release!
Thanks, Chris!

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