Thursday, April 18, 2002


Hello. Handheld Librarian was referenced in
Data Collection in Public Libraries Using Handhelds: A Report Prepared April 2002
by Linda Lundquist.
Linda, thanks for linking up to us, and congratulations on a most creative and interesting study! Good luck
and I hope you will let the group knows how it goes.

Use of New Technologies for Better Library
Management :GIS (Geographical Information Software) and PDAs (Personal Digital Data Collectors

by Christine Koontz and Dean K. Jue presented at the IFLA Conference is another interesting report
on how pdas can be used for data collection in the library.

Patient Education with a PDA by
Matt Lewis talks about how physicians can use pdas for patient education with reference tools on it
and documents they create. Libraries might use this as an example for some of the services they
might provide.

Look at ArcStream looks to
be a big player in pda medicine, higher education, distance learning, and mobile solutions. Look at
this press page. They have partnered with distance learning company Blackboard, medical information
UpToDate, AvantGo, several colleges, and more! Should be interesting! Pretty soon, they will have
Blackboard to Go, and UpToDate available for the pocket pc. This UpToDate development is interesting
as UpToDate is one of the most popular medical information sources, but much more medical information
is available on the palm os than the pocket pc. I wonder what kind of impact this will have on the
medical pda market!

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