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New PDA glossary/Inforetriever now for Palm/Scott e-vest/the gadget girl and guy

Hello! Jenny, the Shifted Librarian (, needs her own
sitcom show, or better yet, her own webcast with guests. I want to meet all the people
she talks about in her blog - Ernie the Attorney, Bruce, Mom, and Dad, Brent and Kayley!
I have had the privilege of meeting Kate and Andy, and now I want to meet the rest. Are the
rest of you finding that blog reading is addictive? Or, maybe it's just me. However, I don't think
it's just me, because Jenny's blog is like a bestselling book. She's getting as many hits
as USA Today! Go, Jenny!

Does anyone out there have a scott e-vest? ( Peg Burnette made
this discovery! Technology-enabled clothing at its best! "With any version of SCOTT eVEST™ you can discreetly carry cell phone, pager, PDA, CD/MP3 player digital camera, portable keyboard, GPS device, two-way radio and even bottled water or soda, wallet, keys and more!" Their poster boy is a cool cat leaning nonchalantly on a bicycle, decked out in a Scott e-vest with sunglasses
and protective helmet on. He's got shorts and is shown along the ocean shore as his gadgets flash on and off in the picture
so you can tell where the gadgets are located. I can't decide whether the Handheld Librarian logo should be this guy or
Print Boy. At our PDA Conference, we are hoping one of the speakers, "Inspector Gadget" will show up in his Scott e-vest
so that all may see how mobile all of these gadgets are. What will Inspector Gadget and Scott e-vest do when all of these
functions are enabled by one device? Not my problem, I guess.

Here is the promised new pda glossary. Thanks to the brilliant Peg Burnette and Carol Galganski
for additions and suggestions! Let me know if you have any.802.11a – Newer version of 802.11b that allows devices to exchange information at up to 54 mbs.

802.11b – A wireless standard for device connectivity. Mainly for LAN connections and not necessarily wireless Internet . This standard allows handhelds, desktops and other wireless devices to exchange information at up to 11 mbs at several hundred feet.

ASP – Application service provider

Backlight – Optional function in handheld or e-book reader displays that allows the user to read in the dark.

Beam – a way to send information between two PDAs via the infrared port. Can also be used to send information to the printer.

Blackberry – a combination pager/mini PDA

Bluetooth – technology specification for short range wireless connection using chips in cellular phones, mobile PCs and other portable devices. Fairly new standard that works with few devices.

CIS – Clinical information system

Compact flash – A removeable expansion device that could be memory or other connectivity software.

Cradle – Device which handheld computer is placed in to synchronize data with the desktop computer. Cradle connects to the computer via USB or serial connection. Can also be used to recharge handheld computer batteries.

Doc – document. This term is usually used for electronic documents.

Document reader – a program to read documents on the handheld computer

ECS – Electronic clinical services

EMR – Electronic medical record

E-scribing - E-mail prescribing.

E-text – Text in electronic format which can be read from a handheld computer
GPS – global positioning system

Expansion slot – Physical slot on some handheld computers that can be used for extra memory, digital camera, electronic book, Margi-Presenter-to-go etc.

Graffiti – Handwriting recognition on Palm OS devices

Handspring – a company that manufactures handheld computers that use the Palm operating system.

HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Hotsync – The process and software by which handheld computers synchronize/share information with a desktop computer

Infrared – Handheld devices can use this to transmit information to each other or to a printer without being physically connected

IT – Information technology

Kilobyte – 1000 print or non-print characters

LAN – Land access network

LCD – Liquid crystal display. Optical technology making small flat screens possible.

Megabyte – 1000 kilobytes

Memory stick - A removable flash-memory system developed by Sony and used in Sony handheld computers

Native applications – The handheld computing applications like calendar and memopad that come on the handheld computer.

OS – operating system. Handheld computers usually have a Windows CE operating system or a palm operating system.

Palm – company that manufactures handheld devices. Also a generic term for a handheld computer.

PDA – personal digital assistant. A generic term that could apply to Pocket PCs with Windows CE or Palm OS devices.

PIM – personal information management. Refers to handheld computer applications that organize personal information such as calendar, to do lists, memos.

Pocket PC – Handheld operating system developed by Microsoft – generic term for handheld devices that run Windows CE

POC – Point of care

POE – Physician order entry

RAM – Random access memory. Temporary storage for computer files.

ROM – Read only memory. Used for static information on computers.

Stylus – a pen writing device for the handheld computer. Writes directly on the screen.

Sync – short for hotsync or synchronization; process that updates information on the PC and/or handheld

USB – Universal Serial bus – a way for handheld computers to connect with desktop computers.

WAN – Wireless access network or wide area network

WAP – Wireless Application Protocol; standard that describes display interface for handhelds.

Windows CE – Microsoft operating system for handheld and mobile computers.

WML – Wireless Markup Language

The following information is from Hospital Reps and is on the new version of Inforetriever available
for the Palm now. Until this time, it was only available on the Pocket PC. Thanks to Joe Cassel
and Hospital Reps for this information! The PALM version is free for the next few months until they
get the entire version done. What a deal!

Dr. Ebell has finished the PALM packet and provides the following detail
and description:

The PALM "rules and tools" packet will be done May 31. It will be free
via the InfoPOEMs site.

In January (or sooner), when we have a complete PALM app, it will cost
the same as the PocketPC app ($249/yr incl the DailyPOEMs and access to
the Internet version of InfoRetriever), and will be included with an
institutional subscription at no extra charge.

The new PALM packet has 86 rules, 812 unique combinations of
symptom/diagnosis/test, and 827 unique combinations of
symptom/diagnosis/History and Physical item.

Space is about 1.5 mb - about 1/2 runtime files, 1/3 data files, 1/6 the
actual program.

"InfoRetriever for Palm 4.2 integrates useful clinical decision rules
and calculators and detailed data on over 1600 tests in a useful bedside

Here is a list of the rules (Long Titles):

ABG interpretation
Screening - cardiac risk profile (Framingham data)
Stroke - risk in patients with nonvalvular afib
Stroke - carotid endarterectomy prognosis
Pulmonary embolism diagnosis
Risk of bleeding with warfarin treatment for DVT
Melanoma - 5 year prognosis
Induction of labor: Bishop score
Acute sinusitis diagnosis in URI
Minor head injury and nl GCS: who needs head CT?
Pediatric IV fluid calculator
Pre-op eval - vascular surgery
Induction of labor: Dhall score
Breast cancer - probability of cancer by Gail Risk model
Chest pain - probability of significant CAD in outpatients
Strep diagnosis in sore throat
Chest pain - risk of AMI with normal or near-normal ECG
Stroke - acute stroke prognosis (G-Score)
Dyspepsia - probability of ulcer
Probability of bad outcome in patients with syncope
Pediatric IV fluid calculator
GI bleed - inpatient mortality risk
Pre-op eval - non-cardiac surgery (Detsky score)
Chest pain - treadmill interpretation (Duke score)
Pneumonia - mortality risk (Fine rule)
Cough/URI - diagnosis of pneumonia
Probability of gestational diabetes
Probability of successful VBAC
Ankle injury - x-rays needed?
Knee injury - x-rays needed?
Cough - diagnosis of pneumonia
Meningitis (bacterial) diagnosis in adults
Acute MI or unstable angina - ACI-TIPI risk score
Pre-op eval - AAA surgery mortality
Diabetes mellitus screening
Chest pain - probability of complications requiring ICU care
Prognosis in near drowning
DVT - clinical diagnosis
Acute MI - probability of normal LVEF
Thyroid cancer - 5 year prognosis
UTI diagnosis
Acute MI - risk of death
Foot injury - x-rays needed?
Stroke - prediction of recovery
Blunt trauma - which patients need C-spine films?
Suicidal ideation risk
Chest pain - probability of left main CAD
Acute pancreatitis - prognosis (Ranson score)
Mini-Mental State to screen for dementia
Acute pancreatitis - prognosis (Imrie score)
Pregnancy wheel
Acute MI - mortality in ST elevation AMI
Warfarin dosing in outpatients
Venous leg ulcer healing
Screening - NCEP ATP III cardiac risk guideline
Stroke - 5 year stroke risk
Minor head injury - Canadian Head CT rule
Canadian C-spine rule in trauma patients
Osteoporosis - predicting need for bone density testing
GI bleed (upper) - predicting need for intervention
Diarrhea - need for cultures in nosocomial diarrhea
Heparin dosing by weight
Acute MI - prognosis in ST elevation AMI
Acute MI - prognosis in non-ST elevation AMI
Stroke - 30 day mortality
Asthma relapse in adults
Pulmonary fibrosis survival
Pneumonia - mortality in nursing home
Predicting pressure ulcer development with Braden Score
Glasgow Coma Score
Burn injury prognosis
Pneumonia - diagnosis in nursing home
Apgar score
Acute coronary syndrome - TIMI risk score
A-a gradient Hypertension - renal artery stenosis diagnosis
Pediatric head injury prognosis
Depression screening
Stroke - diagnosis of ischemic vs hemorrhagic
Dyspepsia - predicting response to omeprazole
Risk of ectopic pregnancy with 1st trimester pain or bleeding
Leprosy - predicting nerve function impairment
Osteoporosis - probability of osteoporosis or low BMD
Bowel obstruction diagnosis - need for x-ray
Stroke - TIA prognosis Dialysis prognosis

Joe Cassels
561-775-3915 (direct)
561-775-1178 (fax)
Founder and Regional Sales Manager
Hospital Reps Inc.
"Software with Ambition"

Cheryl Litt, Media Specialist from Bloomfield Hills School, Michigan shared these highlights
about a conference on PDAs in education: "Washtenaw ISD in Ann Arbor, Michigan recently hosted a conference on
handhelds in education. Elliott Soloway from Hi-Ce at the University
Michigan was the keynote speaker. Over 100 educators from the area
the conference to learn more about handhelds and their possibilities in
classroom. One of the more interesting items being shown by the
vendors was
a product from Scantron. Teachers are able to prepare exams (or
samples from a database) that are beamed to the handheld. While
working on
the exam, students cannot beam to each other or access any other
on the handheld. When the exam is complete, the student beams the
to a special device which instantly scores the exam and records the
for the teacher. We were pretty impressed and have already ordered the
software for our pilot project with sixth graders next year, but I can
see application of software for all levels of education."

Barbara Fullerton, a gadget expert and librarian from Pioneer had a great idea!
She thought that vendors should lend us hardware and software to trial! What a great idea!
Many of the people in this group are speaking at conferences and programs on handheld
computing applications in libraries, schools, and corporations. Many are also writing
articles for library and computing journals. What better way for
vendors to get out the word about their hardware and software? If there are any vendors
who would like to do this, I know of a number of projects they could assist with.
Has anyone had any luck doing something like this?

Peg Burnette pointed to this link which is Handheld Computing Magazine's Best Palm Powered
Product of 2001 Awards. More about these tomorrow.

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