Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Palm Tome Raider

Has anyone used TomeRaider for the Palm? It claims to be a cross platform text and reference
viewer with many files available such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and more.


This from the Palm site: "What is TomeRaider?

TomeRaider is an application that views compressed; indexed and formatted text files at amazing speeds. From small e-texts to 35-megabyte encyclopedias, TomeRaider has the versatility and design handle any kind of text or reference work. With over 2000 TomeRaider files are freely available; including entire encyclopedias, dictionaries, movie guides, bibles, novels as well as extensive English and foreign language dictionaries. And because TomeRaider files are so easy to make this number is growing weekly.

TomeRaider is the first truly cross platform text and reference viewer with versions for Palm, Windows, Pocket PC and Epoc/Symbian.

TomeRaider is already one of the most successful applications for the Palm, Psion and Pocket PC

The Advantages of TomeRaider:

Versatility: The TR format can be used for anything from a small 4 chapter book to a 120,000 entry database. The fact that TR files are indexed means that normal etext books can be formatted in a chapter by chapter structure - much nicer than the single text chunk of normal etexts.
Speed: TomeRaider is the fastest way to get to knowledge and content. This is a bold claim but we think it is true. You can go from aardvark to zebra in under a second, even in one of the free 80000+ word dictionaries or encyclopedias. TomeRaider 2.5 is many many times faster than the last version (And that was blitzin)
Power: Try loading a 5 meg database into any other Palm application? oops. Unless its in TomeRaider format the machine just cant cope.
Compression TomeRaider files are compressed by over 50%. As used in MondoPondo.
Bookmarks: TomeRaider files have bookmarks you can set and go to. Normal text files do not. Also TomeRaider always goes to the last place you were at in a file when restarting, handy for any e-texts you are reading.
Hyperlinks: TomeRaider files can have inline Hyperlinks making navigation a breeze.
Text Formatting: In TomeRaider 2.5 it is possible to have text formatting features such as underlined text.
File Variety: All TomeRaider files are free, and there is a wide range of files available, from Etexts to Encyclopedias, Dictionaries to Movie Guides. Have a look at MemoWare's 2000+ TomeRaider files including Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Movie Guides, Novels and Religious works."

Congratulations to LTLS on their feature in the epixtech's newsletter and to
Teri Ross Embrey for her article! Teri, we are lucky to have you as a Handheld Librarian!

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Oleh said...

Yes, I used TR3 on my Palm Tungsten T5. It works perfectly! I installed Wikipedia in French there and it is astonishingly fast.