Friday, June 14, 2002

PDA vs. Calculator discussion; anyone using the Tribeam?

Cheryl Litt from Michigan has these interesting comments to
share on the calculator vs. PDA. Also, is anyone using the Tribeam?
If so, could you share with the group?
"We are also keeping an eye on this development as we begin our pilot
our middle schoolers. Most students today take the ACTs which does not
permit use of the PDAs either. I had a conversation with a woman from
research division and I gathered that the issue is more with taking
information OUT of the exam room (by recording questions on the PDA)
than beaming answers to one another. She indicated that they would
to review the use of PDAs for the test. We would be putting our
students at
a disadvantage if they did not have a calculator to use at an ACT or
that they knew and were comfortable using. We were hoping that one of
selling points of the PDAs would be that parents would be a ONE device
could do everything -- hopefully the testing policy will change. I
that most students would be too busy taking the test to try and copy
questions and if someone really wants to cheat they will find a way
with or
without using a PDA. That's my two cents!

I was also interested in knowing if anyway is actually using TriBeam's
Webtarget infrared access to a LAN. I'd love some first-hand reviews."

I would like some first hand reviews too!

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