Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Wireless Learning

For a great article on wireless mobile learning with a lot of
interesting links, check out
Web Tools Newsletter.
The authors point to Teri Ross Embrey's article in
Computers in Libraries, March 2002 and to this blog. Thanks very much
to the authors for what I consider to be high and unexpected praise:
"among the numerous librarian-authored blogs, Lori Bell's Handheld Librarian
is exemplary in the genre. The site constitutes a continually enhanced
treasure house of resources." Wow! Maybe Handheld Librarian isn't a news
column, but this makes my day! Thanks again!

Today I used some back up buddy modules to "back up" the content of the
Visor Prisms we have to check out to hospital clientele. It couldn't have been
any easier! What a great way to save data in case someone(probably me) lets the battery run
down. All you have to do is put the back up buddy in the visor slot and a screen pops
up when it is engaged and asks if you wish to back up or restore. Within 10 minutes,
voila, you have a module with your content in case your handheld has a fatal error
or the battery runs down. Kudos to Carol Galganski my boss for purchase of these great

Is anyone out there using pocket pcs and palm os? When we had our PDA conference, we
did a survey of the participants. 14 had PDAs and 17 did not. Of the 14 that did, 2 people
had a Palm and a Pocket. I was somewhat surprised by this. I was also surprised by the fact
that so many librarians had PDAs. I did not expect use to be that prevalent. Of course, it
might have been because those attending were interested in PDAs. Also, many of the librarians
attending were getting ready to implement projects in their libraries. Very few libraries had actually
implemented projects, but there were many getting ready to start projects.

Later this week, I will load the Power Points, including the wonderful Mari Stoddard's to the
project website. The site will also be updated with new article and other links. Carol Galganski, my boss has
supplied many of these (thanks, Carol!). I will let you know when the site is updated. Tom Peters
also had some great power point slides on future roles for libraries, and summarizing our project.

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