Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Working with Documents on a Handheld

Working with Documents on a Handheld
The author states "If there is a raison d’etre for libraries it is to collect and make available the written word. The library represents more noble aspects of human knowledge, but none of that matters when you or your charges are out and about needing immediate access to those written words. Going mobile with these written words can be an adventure, but it does not have to. In this edition of Mobile Tech you will learn about documents and the idea of mobility"

The library can provide and enhance access to those written words! Going mobile can be an
adventure in terms of a library providing or enhancing access to words and works, and providing
training in using mobile access! In academic and special, and some public libraries, library users
are looking to librarians as content experts, mobilizing content from the web to the handheld, and
to provide training on the handheld, and providing access to traditionally print-based to web-based
to handheld based products.

After the first paragraph, the writer goes on to discuss various word processing packages for the
pocket pc and the palm. My vote is for Documents to Go. What about yours?

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