Sunday, August 18, 2002


Hello! August 23 is my last day at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. On Monday, August 26, I start as the Director of the Mid-Illinois Talking Book Center, located in Pekin and Quincy and serving central Illinois. I have very much enjoyed working on this blog and the people I have met! It has been a lot of fun! Although I will continue to contribute to this blog, especially in the interim until my replacement starts, this blog will belong to Carol Galganski and the staff at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. Anyone else who has been contributing is still welcome to contribute to keep this going.

We will have an article in the October issue of "Computers in Libraries" on our PDA project entitled "Integrating and Introducing Alien Technology From Planet PDA: The Librarian as Astronaut, Explorer, Innovator and Expert" co-authored by Tom Peters, Carol Galganski, and myself. Peg Burnette and I will be doing a poster session at the ILA Conference; and Carol G. and Jo Dorsch will be doing a poster session at MCMLA. I am going to speak on the project at the South Central Chapter meeting of MLA in October in San Antonio.

I look forward to contributing, and keeping in touch and I have enjoyed this group very much! However, the blog lives on!

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