Saturday, August 03, 2002

PDAzone correct address

Here is the correct address for the PDAzone at University of Alberta.

Mark Glissmeyer of shares the following:
"I saw this small computer mouse that is made to fit the hand of a young child and thought some of your readers might be interested in seeing it. It might be neat for children visiting a library to use, in a school classroom, or if someone needs one at home to teach PC skills to their kids. The company is called Kidzmouse and their website is at

There is also another company called Secret 7 at that makes a small mouse and also has a special kid’s keyboard as well. It has large colorful keys on it so it is easier to read for them.

In the handheld area, it looks like we should be seeing another type of PDA come out over the next year or two that will allow us to run our regular desktop software on it. One company already has this working prototype PDA running Windows XP that allows them to do this-

It has 256 MG RAM and a 10 GB hard drive, just like a regular PC. It is more bulky than the Palm units but also has a larger screen, and they claim it will cost about $1000 initially.

Since it is on a hard drive, I don’t think it is instant on like our Palm or Pocket PC units are, but if one doesn’t mind waiting for a boot up then you get all the benefits of desktop software in a handheld. Until the prices come down though I don’t think it will replace many Palm or Pocket PC units. It will probably also need a faster processor for heavy use, but it is quite a step towards having a PDA become independent of a PC."

Thanks, Mark!

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