Thursday, September 26, 2002

Welcome to new blogger/interesting article

Welcome to Tom Dennis, the new Handheld Librarian! I am already missing my blog, so I guess I will just have to start another one. Please email him at with any suggestions for posts. I have appreciated all the emails I have received from all of you with great articles and tidbits! Thanks! In fact, here is information from David Bigwood on a paper you might be interested in.

"Thoughts on the Future of Library Computing: Implications of the Use
Handheld Computers for Library Service" Library Philosophy and Practice
5, No. 1 (Fall 2002)

I just returned from the Illinois Library Association Conference where I attended a standing room only program done by Teri Ross Embrey of Chicago Library System; Tom Peters, CIC; and Jenny Levine, the Shifted Librarian, Suburban Library System called "From Pocket to Palm: Hostync yourself to the latest information on Libraries and PDAs". The program was great and very informative. I was surprised that we had probably 100 people, and not just techies. There were many administrators there. Congratulations on a great program, Tom, Teri and Jenny!

Best wishes and good luck to Tom Dennis, the new Handheld Librarian!

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