Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Online session on PDAs

Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli (mo@mo.md) writes, "Announcing a focus on the Use of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) within
the Virtual Learning Space (VLS) http://itlearningspace-scot.ac.uk

Proceedings commence on Wednesday 8 October with Mohammad Al-Ubaydli of the
US National Institute of Health who will be online between 2.00 and 3.00 pm
(GMT) in the Schoolhill room within the VLS community cafe. Author of
"Handheld Computers for Doctors" Mohammad has kindly agreed to host
session for VLS members interested in the area.

The VLS Team are currently arranging another chat session to run on the
topic of PDAs and we look forward to the discussions.

We advise participants to enter the chat room 15-20 minutes earlier than the
chat start time, to ensure their computers are correctly configured to be
able to load our chat software. If you have any problems please e-mail the
VLS team at
info@itlearningspace-scot.ac.uk with contact details and we will endeavor to
help you.

Please register for this event by logging into the Virtual Learning Space
and joining the 'Use of PDAs' discussion room, within Community. Discussion
has already commenced within this room and should you require any assistance
please e-mail

If you would like to join the VLS, or just browse around it, please visit
http://itlearningspace-scot.ac.uk. Becoming a member takes only a few
minutes, and will enable you to participate in this topic and other features
of the VLS.

We look forward to meeting you online in the near future."

Handheld Librarian also welcomes Dr. Al-Ubaydli as one of our new bloggers. He also has a website at http://www.handheldsfordoctors.com/learn/advanced.htm which has information on many articles which might be of interest to librarians.

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