Sunday, September 28, 2003

PDA Potpourri!

Cheryl Litt, Media Specialist at West Hills Middle School
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, reports great progress with PDAs at her school, "Yes, we are still using handhelds with our students. In fact we expanded our program to
our seventh grade this year, so in total we have 250 students using
handhelds and we love them. We were just featured in School Library Journal's
September issue. . Handhelds are bigger than ever in
Michigan schools. We have two state-wide conferences coming up this
fall just on handhelds and our state legislature is grappling with the idea
of some kind of computing device for all sixth graders in the state (of
course, we're hoping handhelds will be the choice). " Thanks, Cheryl! Anyone who
would like to email Cheryl can do so to

Scott Adams ( has an excellent blog on
"Handheld Instructional Technology."
Thanks, Scott!

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