Tuesday, October 21, 2003

New list-OSF Saint Francis grant-Handheld #2 on Blogger Forum-e-book seminars

*Thanks to the wonderful Bill Drew, the Wireless Librarian, we have a new list. Everyone should be moved over now. If you have any problems, let me know. If you wish to change your subscription, information from Bill on the new list is detailed below:

Group description:This group is for a discussion of the role PDAS are
playing and might play in the library setting from policies and
procedures of loaning, a discussion of hardware, materials
(e-books and other materials) for PDAs, and pda applications for
libraries and other library technology news.

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*OSF Saint Francis Medical Library Receives LTSA grant for Tablet PCs and Patient Education
I am reposting this since some people missed it on the list:Congratulations to Carol Galganski and the OSF Saint
Francis Medical Center Library and Resource Center in
Peoria, Illinois for their successful LSTA grant
application for Tablet PCs and patient education!
"This proposal will position the Library to help
design and implement a new patient education process
for the future, focused on providing educational
materials that are current, approved, multi-lingual,
in a variety of formats, and most importantly, are
available online for easy access. If successful, this
project will enable the Library to play a key role in
this new process by using a library resource - the
online catalog - in an innovative manner by creating a
patient education repository combining print materials
in PDF format with approved online resources while
introducing new technology - the use of a Tablet PC
for multimedia interactive patient tutorials." If you
have not been to the Library's website, take a look at
http://library.osfsaintfrancis.org. Carol and her
staff have an innovative and exciting library which is
doing a lot of great things! The site will provide
librarians from all types of libraries with many
wonderful ideas.

*This message from BloggerForum today: Handheld Librarian ranks #2!
"We are pleased to tell you that your site moved to #2 in the Top Ten
Blog*Spot sites listed in our weekly poll at Blogger Forum. You can see
your listing at www.bloggerforum.com

We do this weekly. Sometimes a site gets in more than once, it depends
on the vagaries of Google. This is not an indication of visits to your
site, it is an indication of how Google has measured your importance
during the period."

*R2 Consulting Announces "E-Books for Libraries 2004" seminar and the E-Book Prospectus
R2 Consulting is pleased to announce the return of our "eBooks for
Libraries" seminar, updated and looking forward into 2004.

2004 is shaping up to be an active and interesting year for eBooks,
especially in libraries. Important issues remain unresolved but good
ideas and new models continue to surface. Join us as we review the events of
the last two years, and look ahead at new and evolving eBook initiatives,
including: ebrary's Academic Complete, netLibrary's TitleSelect, the
CDDC's BiblioVault and Scholar's Portal, YBP/Baker & Taylor's ED,
Blackwell's Digital Reference Service, eBook Library and its Non-Linear
Lending model, OverDrive's Digital Library Reserve, xrefer's Research
Mapper, Adobe's Content Server 3.0 (which supports library lending and
reserve transactions), and new reader software from Adobe, Microsoft,
and Palm. For a current report, please see our forthcoming Against the
Grain article, "The eBook Prospectus: 2004" at

In 2001, R2 introduced an interactive map of the eBook industry, which
tracked distribution and rights management models from original content
to end user. This year, we'll present new maps of individual business
models to help librarians compare and distinguish competing approaches to
pricing and distribution. We'll also consider integration of eBooks into
selection tools, such as approval plans and vendor Web databases. We'll also look
at eBooks as reference tools and as components of managed learning
environments. We'll showcase some approaches that take full advantage
of eBooks' networked capabilities. We'll review technical developments,
including new reading devices, electronic ink and electronic paper, and
provide an overview of the market: what content is available through
which channels. We'll consider the relationship between eBooks and
e-journals. Finally, we'll discuss what's still needed for eBooks to succeed in

We invite librarians, publishers and vendors to participate in this
half-day seminar. Our emphasis will be on scholarly publishing and

DATE: Friday, December 12, 2003

TIME: 8:30-12:00 Noon

PLACE: Cambridge Center Marriott
Cambridge, MA


8:30 AM Registration & coffee
9:00 AM Market Overview and Industry Trends
10:00 AM End-User Pathways to Content
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM Library/Selector Tools and Services
11:45 AM Hurdles and Unsolved Problems

For more information or to register, visit

Rick Lugg
R2 Consulting
63 Woodwell's Garrison
Contoocook, NH 03229

Let's hope they come to Chicago! They were scheduled to have a workshop in Chicago in April 2002 and some of us from Illinois were signed up, but it was cancelled.

*Jenny Levine, The Shifted Librarian, reports that Kalamazoo Public Library is offering streaming video. From Shifted Librarian: ""STREAMING VIDEO HAS ARRIVED! In collaboration with United Streaming, KPL now has hundreds of educational video selections available for online viewing in our AV department. Additional viewing stations can be found at our downtown location in the Children's Services and Teen Services areas, and at all branch locations - call or visit library staff for more information." The Kalamazoo Public Library was the first in the country to offer digital audio books from Audible.com on Otis MP3 players to their patrons and was the LJ Library of the Year in 2002. Looks like they continue to do exciting ground breaking things!

If you have news or ideas you would like posted here, please send them to me at lbell927@yahoo.com indicating you would like them posted, or if you would like to post yourself, let me know and I will send you an invitation to blog! The more the merrier!

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