Sunday, October 19, 2003

OSF Saint Francis Medical Library Receives LSTA grant for Tablet PCs and Patient Education

Congratulations to Carol Galganski and the OSF Saint
Francis Medical Center Library and Resource Center in
Peoria, Illinois for their successful LSTA grant
application for Tablet PCs and patient education!
"This proposal will position the Library to help
design and implement a new patient education process
for the future, focused on providing educational
materials that are current, approved, multi-lingual,
in a variety of formats, and most importantly, are
available online for easy access. If successful, this
project will enable the Library to play a key role in
this new process by using a library resource - the
online catalog - in an innovative manner by creating a
patient education repository combining print materials
in PDF format with approved online resources while
introducing new technology - the use of a Tablet PC
for multimedia interactive patient tutorials." If you
have not been to the Library's website, take a look at Carol and her
staff have an innovative and exciting library which is
doing a lot of great things! The site will provide
librarians from all types of libraries with many
wonderful ideas.

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