Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Palm Cobalt Device coming

Here's a collection of stories - it was announced at a Palm User group meeting in Paris that a device using the Cobalt OS would outby the end of the year. Having run a PUG in NYC since 2000, I'm glad that the news broke at a user group meeting.

"GSPDA to Make the First Palm OS Cobalt Smartphone- Palm OS Cobalt is the latest version of PalmSource's operating system for handhelds and smartphones. PalmSource gave the first version of Cobalt to its licensees at the beginning of last year, and released an upgraded version last fall."

"Group Sense PDA (aka GSPDA) has confirmed that they’ll be the first manufacturer to introduce a handheld running on Cobalt, the latest version of the Palm operating system. This is encouraging news mainly because it doesn’t look like palmOne is going get off their increasingly sorry asses and do this themselves anytime soon—they’ve already more or less made it exceedingly clear that they have no plans to introduce a Cobalt-powered Treo or Tungsten this year."

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MYPalm Life
"In what would be two years after PalmSource released their super-duper new Operating System to license holders, users would finally be able to see Cobalt on an actual device. Group Sense PDA (GSPDA) Tim Wong, General Manager of Business Development, told a Paris PUG reported that they would be the first on the market with a Cobalt device while showing off their latest smartphone, the Xplore M68. While he would not give a specific date, he did confirm it would be out before the end of the year."

"GSPDA To Deliver First Palm OS Cobalt Smartphone? During a weekend Palm Users group meeting in Paris a representative from GSPDA announced in response to a user question that Group Sense PDA will be the first licensee to release a smartphone using Palm OS Cobalt."


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