Saturday, March 12, 2005

Australian E-Book Newsletter (March, 2005)

Bruce Preston, editor of the Australian E-Book Newsletter writes:

A new March 2005 issue of the Australian E-Book Newsletter (AEBN), the first for some time, contains many items of Handheld interest. Here are some extracts from the editorial (

What has been happening lately is that the hidden synergy of all things digital is finally roaring into the mainstream. A device can now double as a file transfer or storage machine as easily as it can take photos, show movies, play music, compute, display books or images or be a means of communication with persons or networks near or far. The digital world is no longer a dawning dream, it's now here with bells on.

Meanwhile, events have their own, often unexpected, momentum. Who could have predicted a few years back that book-sized e-readers would long languish while Palm-sized devices prospered mightily? It will be a brave or foolish person who today makes a confident prediction as to what will be the leading device used for e-reading in as little as three years time.

That does not mean that opportunities should not be seized boldly now. The future does not just happen, it evolves, heavily influenced by the efforts of the convinced and tireless, and especially of those with a broader vision and a keen sense of moment.

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