Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Our Space, Our Web

The announcement of Google Video brings to mind some thoughts. We are almost to the point where we do not need to own any web space. It is all provided for us in open communities. The amount of space necessary when considering Web hosting becomes trivial. All that is needed is a link to the content residing within your Web Community where your house can always be open - a VERY spacious house at that.

Open Communities:
Images: Hello or Flickr,
Audio/Video: or Google Video
Blogging/News: or Bloglines
It seems that the Web is becoming everything we hoped for in the Dot Com era. Albeit, with a much more realistic outlook this time around.

Global communication realized.


JD Lasica said...

But we need librarians to help us organize this unruly world! :~)

jd lasica

Mikey said...

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