Friday, July 15, 2005

New Self Playing Digital Audiobook

Playaway has announced that they will soon offer "the world's first self-playing audiobook." Consumers will be able to purchase a device with a specific title on it for the price of a current downloadable digital audiobook or audiobook on CDs or cassettes, put some batteries in it and connect headphones and listen to the book. The device/book will be portable enough to put in your pocket, and has a simple keypad to control the experience. For libraries, this could be very exciting. No more worrying about lending or recommending devices, the reader does not have to have a computer to download or listen to a book, and the self-playing book can be checked out to the patron, returned and then used again. For talking book centers where we mail out players and cassettes, we could just mail out the selected book or books; then the reader can mail back and we can make available for the next reader. It will be interesting to experience this new type of digital audiobook! For more information, contact Mike Belsito at

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