Wednesday, August 10, 2005

At Duke U., Public Radio Comes to iPods (Wired Campus Blog)

MP3 players aren't much use in the classroom if you don't have any content to put on them. But officials at Duke University -- which has drawn a great deal of publicity for its efforts to incorporate iPods into pedagogy -- seem to have anticipated that concern: They've struck a deal with Public Radio International to provide digital audio files for classroom use.

Under the arrangement, Duke professors will be able to use portions of popular public-radio shows like "This American Life" and "Studio 360" in class at no charge. And students will be able to download some of the shows to their portable MP3 players.

The deal will run through December, at which point Duke officials will decide whether to extend the program.

Also see an article from The Chronicle, by Brock Read, on Duke's assessment of the educational value of its iPod experiment.


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