Sunday, November 27, 2005

iTunes Sharing Marketing the Collection (Tame the Web: Libraries and Technology)

Bruce Connoly has an article in the new Computers in Libraries that presents an incredible idea: use iTunes built in sharing capaibilty to share music with library users! Connoly discovers other folks music librraies showing up when he opens iTunes. His thinking, sparked by the recent EDUCAUSE conference and Joan Lippincott's article on serving Net Gen users, leads to this:

We started by creating a playlist called "Schaffer Library - New Music" consisting of about 2 dozen songs. We used complete songs, not samples. Generally, we included no more than a track or two from any one CD title. We decided to add the Schaffer Library call number in the Comments field (although this is an optional display field and users may not have it turned on) and to include additional information sometimes.