Sunday, December 04, 2005

PSP gets podcasts in new 2.60 upgrade (PalmAddicts)

Sony have released another new firmware upgrade for the PlayStation Portable today, bringing with it support for Microsoft's WMA format and a new RSS Channel tool opening up the world of Podcasts to the PSP.

The addition of Windows Media Audio to the existing audio formats is a huge boost to owners who wanted to have more flexibility with the music files that could be played on the PSP, which was previously limited to MP3 and AAC, and ignored Microsoft's widespread WMA format, requiring files to be converted first - much like Apple's iPod.

Perhaps more important though is the new RSS Channel which has been added to the Network menu, and gives the PSP full blogcast (or podcasting as it's become known) support. When you first run the RSS Channel you'll be directed to an FAQ on Sony's site giving detailed information about how the service works and how to subscribe to the RSS channels, along with specifications of RSS feeds for webmasters wanting to check that their feeds are correct.