Wednesday, February 01, 2006

From Blogs to Plogs

Have you or do you know anyone who has created a library "plog"? Amazon, one of my favorite and most frequently visited websites had a plog right in the middle of the page. I think Amazon has copyrighted plogs, but I found a software called
Basecamp where you can set up a free trial plog. Basecamp is web project management software for collaborative groups where you can have a writeboard to do group documents, a message board, a to do list, a calendar, and lots of other neat stuff. I have set up a Library Plog for anyone who wants to participate to discuss possible uses for plogs in libraries. If you would like an invitation to join the discussion in my "library plog", please email me at and I will set up an account and you can join us in the fun! You can even set up your own RSS feed so that if any additions or changes are made, you can see it in your feed. What will they think of next?