Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Earthcomber and Book Sense Put Independent Booksellers on the “Mobile Map”

CHICAGO (June 15, 2006) – Book Sense, the marketing program for independent bookstores, has partnered with Earthcomber to offer the directory of Book Sense store locations in a mobile GPS-enabled format for Palm OS and Windows Mobile PDAs and smart phones. The new service is part of a trend in mobile marketing that matches on-the-go consumers with their personal interests.

Whether users of the guide are traveling or exploring their own hometowns, Earthcomber will now help them find all independent booksellers that are a part of the Book Sense network in addition to local hotels, unique shops, local services, restaurants, businesses, events and relocation information that already are a part of the 1.5 million points of interest that come with the free Earthcomber dataset.

Book Sense, a campaign of the American Booksellers Association, the trade group for independent stores nationwide, is both a local and national effort to shine a light on the knowledge and diversity of independent bookstores. By making Book Sense store locations available via Earthcomber, independent booksellers are tapping into an enormous mobile marketplace and using technology that allows them to reach consumers that are specifically looking for book stores.

“Including the Book Sense store location directory in Earthcomber searches just makes good business sense—readers and consumers are using technology to shop and find books in new ways everyday, and Earthcomber allows the independents to be part of one of those new ways,” said Meg Smith, Associate Director Book Sense marketing and ABA spokesperson. “The Book Sense program was developed to give independent bookstores ways to reach their customers, through the Book Sense Picks fliers, BookSense.com, the Book Sense Bestseller list, the gift card program, and now through Earthcomber.”

Earthcomber, available at Earthcomber.com as a free download, includes maps of every region in the United States. The patent-pending technology maintains individual privacy while constantly combing the area each person travels for anything from an ATM to a waterfall, cup of coffee, museum, bistro, school, golf course, bar or even local events.

“Mobile marketing with Earthcomber is a powerful way to reach a select group of consumers without ever violating customer privacy or giving them information they do not want or need,” said Jim Brady, Earthcomber CEO, founder and former Oprah.com executive producer. “It also allows your customer to find you when they need you, no matter where they are at the time—something that can’t be said for any other form of marketing.”

All users of Earthcomber automatically receive the Book Sense store locations when they download Earthcomber maps and location data, whenever they look for “books” or “book store.”