Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cheap Treo Takes on Moto, RIM (Red Herring)

Smart phone maker will offer lower-priced device in hand-to-hand fight with Research in Motion, Motorola for consumer market.

Palm is preparing to launch a consumer version of its Treo smart phone, according to reports Thursday.

The Sunnyvale, California-based handheld PDA maker is planning to debut the Treo 680, a lower-priced model of its line of smart phones, which have mainly been used by businesses and the so-called prosumer market, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Palm is rolling out the Treo 680 to do battle with offerings from Motorola and Research In Motion, whose BlackBerry Pearl smart phone is ringing up strong sales for RIM and its partner T-Mobile with consumer-oriented features like video, music, camera, and photos).