Friday, November 10, 2006

Test-driving the Sony Reader (Wired Campus Blog)

Sony's new e-book device, called the Sony Reader, recently hit bookstore and electronic-store shelves, and there's plenty of buzz on technology blogs about whether the gadget lives up to its promise of delivering a form factor and reading experience that can rival paper.

The Chronicle
snagged one to try it out, and we're trying to get our hands on a rival product, the Iliad, by iRex, as well. The Sony Reader's display is definitely not your typical screen -- there's no backlighting, and the text does seem almost printed, thanks to the high resolution. It is easy on the eyes. The interface, however, seems a bit like a rough draft: The controls are awkward, and the device seems to lack several of the features that got people excited about e-books in the first place, like search.

For an upcoming article, we're looking for professors, librarians, graduate students, or university administrators who have tried the devices and can describe their experiences. So if you've tried the Reader or Iliad, please drop us an e-mail.

Even if you haven't seen it, we're curious to hear whether the new generation of machines could bring e-books to campus in a big way? What do you think?

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