Friday, February 16, 2007

Survey: Blackberry owners chained to work (Ars Technica)

Are devices such as BlackBerrys and Treos actually chaining Americans to their work instead of liberating them? There has been plenty of speculation on the topic of whether being "always on" is affecting our everyday lives. However, survey data released today from Digital Life America shows that although Americans are split over whether that constant connection is a good thing or not, being constantly connected means more work for many.

In an online survey sample of 1,600 "nationally representative" Americans between June and September of last year, Digital Life America asked respondents whether devices like the BlackBerry "chain you to work more than they liberate you." The results were split exactly three ways: a third agreed, a third remained neutral, and a third disagreed. Among just those who own a BlackBerry-like device, the results were also almost equally divided, with 34 percent agreeing and 37 percent disagreeing. (more...)