Friday, February 22, 2008

Recycle your old Palm: Palm Take Back & Recycling Program

Palm's environmental stewardship program leads us to use environmentally friendly materials, reduce waste, and develop the highest standards in electronics recycling. Our recycling program strives to keep Palm Handhelds and Treo smartphones out of landfills- and we gladly take other companies' devices and all related accessories

....This program allows us to evaluate and disposition handhelds and mobile phones for reuse and recycling to prevent them from going into landfills. Our program safely reclaims metals and also isolates heavy metals, protecting the environment and making these available for reuse.

...Simply place your handhelds, mobile phones and related accessories (chargers, headsets, memory cards) into a box large enough for you to safely send in all your retired mobile devices, apply the postage-paid mailing label, and put it in a mailbox or bring it to the post office. It's free!! Please note that you are responsible for removing all personal information before submitting devices to the Palm recycling program.

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Anonymous said...

the link no longer provides instructions for recycling your palm. Palm appears to have taken down that information.