Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kindle A Year Old, Hasn't Changed Reading... Yet (Silicon Alley Insider)

by Dan Frommer

kindle.jpgAmazon's (AMZN) Kindle e-book reader celebrated its first birthday yesterday. How was its first year?

Amazon doesn't share sales figures, so we don't really know. Today, either supply is low or demand is high -- there's a three to four week wait to buy them for $359.

The only stat Amazon has shared recently: During its Q3 earnings call, CFO Thomas J. Szkutak said, "Kindle titles already account for more than 10% of unit sales for books that are available in both digital and print formats."

Impressive, we guess. But given that it's still a surprise when we see one on the subway or at the airport, it's safe to say the Kindle hasn't changed reading much in its first year.

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Jeff Scott said...

I guess that's a good point, but how many people do you see simply reading. It seems to be less and less. Is that the bigger issue here?

Edward Vielmetti said...

I've seen one, once, on an airplane, and I live in Ann Arbor, a town full of books.

On the other hand, I've read books on my Blackberry now a couple of times, and if someone was selling $20 worth of Blackberry-sized Dr. Seuss online books I'd line up to buy them (including pictures of course).

Aparna said...

Thanks for this great survey.