Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Asus Plans Dual-Screen E-Reader (PC Mag)

Yet more confirmation has emerged that Asus plans its own e-book reader, according to The Times of London, which reported the story on Sunday.

It's not especially clear what the Times was able to elicit from Asus versus an earlier report from DigiTimes, which quoted Asus president Jerry Shen (or paraphrased a comment he made, at least) committing to an e-book reader. An Asus representative in the U.K. appears to have confirmed this, with the additional details that there may be a value-priced as well as a premium version.

I assume that the following details are sourced from Asus, then: "Unlike current ebook readers, which take the form of a single flat screen, the Asus device has a hinged spine, like a printed book," the Times of London reports. "This, in theory, enables its owner to read an ebook much like a normal book, using the touchscreen to "turn" the pages from one screen to the next. It also gives the user the option of seeing the text on one screen while browsing a web page on the other. One of the screens could also act as a virtual keypad for the device to be used like a laptop."


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