Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Deluge of Devices for Reading and Surfing (NY Times)

Brad Stone of the New York Times is covering the Consumer Electronics Show, and has an article about the "new wave of slender touch-screen tablets and electronic reading devices" that debuted at the show:

...Some of these gadgets allow people to read for long periods of time without eye strain and without killing the batteries. Others focus on allowing their owners to surf the Web, watch video and play casual games without being tethered to a bulky laptop and its traditional keyboard.

...Now advances in technology and manufacturing are belatedly making good on the early promise of this idea. So-called ARM processors — the low-power, low-cost chips found in many cellphones — are finally robust enough to take on some of the tasks, like Web surfing, that were previously the domain of full-fledged computers. As a result, companies have been able to build a wider range of devices, including thinner products with longer battery life.
There's also a video.

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