Thursday, February 28, 2002

Handheld Library web sites

Lincoln Trail Libraries System, located
in Champaign, Illinois, has created a PDA Connect web page so that their librarians
can "have library hours, contact information, directions, phone and fax numbers, upcoming
library event schedules, and more" at their fingertips when they need it. They are using
Avantgo to provide this service. This looks
like a great resource for their member libraries! Congratulations, LTLS!

The Charles
J. Keffer Library
has created a pda edition of its website with information on hours,
location, staff directory, new books, and services. Their site also indicates they use

Yale University Medical
also has a pda page on the medical library via Avantgo for users.

If you know of other libraries that have created web pages in pda format, email them to me and
I can post them or you can post them to the group.

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