Wednesday, February 27, 2002

The Anytime, Anywhere Library

Sorry to post again, but there are limitations on the amount you can put in one
post. Thanks to Jake White from the University of Washington whose e-mail today
made my whole week! He also says, "We
are just starting discussions/visioning here about the "Anywhere
and I think handhelds (of whatever variety) can and eventually will
play a
large part in that scenario. I don't think we have even scratched the
surface of what's possible yet."

I think this exciting concept speaks for us all as we envision bringing
information to our users and non-users in the format in which they want it.
This also echoes the philosophy of
The Shifted Librarian.
In a recent meeting at our hospital, this was illustrated
for me best when one of our doctors said what he really wanted was to have
access to information resources, and one in particular called Up To Date,
available to him when he is in a patient room so he could use a tablet pc with
wireless access to the network. This would enable him to confirm a diagnosis,
a treatment, or care plan right then and there at the point of care, where and when
he needed it. Handhelds/tablet pcs, wireless access, and the "shift of information" delivery
where, when, and how people want it is the anywhere, anytime library we would like
to be able to provide our users. What other things/services do you envision for
the anytime, anywhere library? Send them to the list or to me, and I will credit you and
post them to this list. I agree with Jake; we have not scratched the surface of what
handhelds can deliver; the future is upon us; and we need to be in the game.

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