Wednesday, February 27, 2002


Hello! There were a number of interesting posts on the yahoogroup
for handheld librarians about the new product
which was mentioned here a couple of days ago as one of
many possible solutions for Avantgo. I asked the posters if they would
mind me reposting them to the blog so that those who do not subscribe
to the yahoo group could see them here on the web page. Thanks to all
who posted on this exciting new product! Those posters are credited below.

Hi All,
Handstory Suite's new version 2.0 ( for Palm OS was released on February 23. After using it for a few days, I must say that I am absolutely overjoyed at the performance, features and ease-of use as an Avantgo replacement. Many of the limitations of Avantgo (slow response time from their servers, limted allowable channels and memory, inability to directly sync to cards, custom channel limits etc.) are blown away by Handstory.
In addition it has great high-res and color support, a good ebook/memo reader and even an image viewer. All documents/images are accessible from a common list
Joy of joys, this morning before work it automatically downloaded tons of fresh info from the web directly into my Clie's 128 Meg memory stick -- in a fraction of the time Avantgo used to take (if the servers were working at all). With 128 megs to play with, even color comics and images are not a memory problem... :)

Handstory now has its own growing library of preset channels ( or it is very easy to add unlimited custom ones which seem to work quite well. This weekend I will experiment with pages in Cyrillic, tables, and complicated web pages, but so far so good. Cost is $19.95 -- well worth it for me, and there is a free 30 day trial. I think this one is a keeper.

Anway, you might want to check it out if you're in the market for a powerful Avantgo replacement! -- Jake (I have no connection with the company, but am definitely a very happy camper!)
Jake White
Slavic & East European Acquisitions Specialist
Box 352900
University of Washington Libraries

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Legend to announce PDA partnerships

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Here's a story on the first pocket wireless digital assistant by Jornada. It
was in today's CNET alert.

Barbara Fullerton
Electronic Resources Librarian
Pioneer Hi-Bred International
7300 NW 62nd Ave.
PO Box 1004
Johnston, IA 50131
telephone: 515-270-4345
fax: 515-253-2184

Jake and all:

I,too, tried Handstory and I agree! It's a great replacement.

But can it used like Avantgo to produce web page channels for libraries?

Steve Grove
Harold H. Brittingham Memorial Library
2500 Metrohealth Drive
Cleveland, OHio 44109-1998
PHONE: 216.778.4706
FAX: 216.778.8242
Hi Steve and fellow handheldlibs,
Yes, I think it must be able to produce web page channels since Handstory
does this essentially from the clip index web page -- they use an .hsc
(handstory channel/clip?) file type. They mention that they are still
working on the "Handstory Clip Editor" which should be out soon and should
be included in the suite. (their use of the term 'clip' sometimes seems
roughly to be the same as our 'channel' ) -- I think this capability will
allow us to tailor .hsc channels similar to the ones they use on their
index page. Will certainly be trying this out as soon as it appears and
will post what I find. (I did try to snoop out the structure of an .hsc
file but no luck! :)
Jake / UW Libraries, Seattle

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