Friday, March 15, 2002

Thanks to InfotoGo: Navigating the Internet for featuring
Handheld Librarian and Wireless Librarian on the front page of their March issue on wireless
technology and libraries. They also featured Teri Ross Embrey's article in "Computers in

Here is a great article The Rise of
Palmtop Medicine in Technology Part II.
Even if you are not in the medical field, you may want to try
PDA Cortex as it has a lot of excellent information on handheld

This news on Vindigo from Barbara Fullerton, Pioneer Hi-Bred International. Vindigo, a subscription service which offers information to travelers about select cities is
following the route of Avantgo, in that they are going to begin charging, but charging their users as advertising
is not bringing in enough money. Would you be willing to pay $24.95/year to get information on a few cities in the
U.S.? Perhaps if you traveled a lot.

If you are not a member of the Wireless Libraries group with Bill Drew I enthusiastically encourage you to join!
There has been a great recent discussion on handheld applications in libraries!

Have a great weekend! Our big day is Monday when we will have 19 handhelds waiting
for checkout with specialized content. We will also have Margi Presenter to Go, keyboards,
digital cameras, and Total Recall voice recording modules to check out. We have five
physicians waiting for these devices. I will let you know how it goes.

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