Saturday, March 16, 2002

Unique uses of handhelds/Saving Time/Multitasking

Hello. This morning's post is dedicated to "unique uses of handhelds." Although there are
hundreds of uses I have probably never imagined, it is important to see how they are being
used and imagine how they could be used, and how they could help people with everyday mutiple tasks,
saving them time.

For instance, I have a friend; we have been friends
for 16 years. We went out to dinner the other night and she wanted to talk about "Friends" and
"ER." She laughed at me when I told her I did not have time to watch TV, much less taking the trouble to
fight with my kids and husband for the TV. I laughed at her because she and her family have
no computers in their house! My husband and I are into gadgetry big time with computers and
handhelds and e-book readers through our work, our interests and hobbies. I wondered what the
killer application would be that would convince her to use a handheld. And then, I thought of it,
she has a cellular phone!

The other day, a doctor showed me a new device he had just purchased:
a Samsung handheld/combination cellular phone, wireless Internet access with Sprint. All he had
to do to call a resident or attending was to tap the name and number in his directory of the person
and the handheld took care of the rest! Most doctors and college students are sold on handhelds -
it saves them time Helping people save time and giving them a device with
multiple application possibility will lead to killer applications. So, as I can,
I will post some unique uses of handhelds. If you find a story or want to share a story, send it to
the list and I will post it here or if you would like to post, let me know. These stories are taken
from the Palm website "cool user stories."

Story from a college student
who has saved time with his Palm being able to take notes, sync them with his desktop, does not
have to carry a lot of notebooks, instant access to thesaurus, etc.

Jewelry salesman keeps all contacts,
brochures on handheld, saving a lot of time, making him more organized without all the paper

Palm saves time in government agencies

Palm applications for legislators Lobbyists
and legislators get the latest news on legislation in 12 different states.Email on bill activity. Since most
legislators are not in their office, they have "critical information where they are and where they need it."
Sound familiar? This is critical for the health care professional too.

Keeping up to date and staying in touch
while on vacation
A man and his family went on vacation to the Olympics and used a handheld to
keep in touch by email, use the AIM features, keep up with the news and weather and keep those at home
up to date on the Olympics.

Realty, Children and Documents to Go!

Teacher Saves Time with Handheld

Physician simplifies life with Handheld

Teri Ross Embrey published A cool user
that has been published on the palm web site about libraries and their use of handhelds and about this blog.
"February 16, 2002

My name is Teri Ross Embrey and I am a computer consultant and librarian in Chicago. A group of colleagues and I had been using Palms to keep ourselves organized for a while now. We've also noticed how many of our libraries patrons bring PDAs and cell phones into our libraries.

In an attempt to help, Lori Bell of OSF St. Francis Medical Center got a grant to circulate Springboard modules and Palms pre-loaded with medical software to physicians, hospital staff, and other patrons who use the OSF St. Francis Medical Center library.

Together with our colleague Tom Peters of the Center for Library Initiatives, Committee on Institutional Cooperation, we've set up a web blog called the Handheld Librarian ( to share and collect experiences with our other colleagues across the world.

We really want to support our library patrons use of devices and give them the information they need where they need it!

Theresa A. Ross Embrey "

Teri told me she had done this, but I had not actually seen it until today. Thanks Teri!

Software applications sales are up 220% on handhelds.

Handheld Software Sales Soaring: Study


On Handhelds

Sales triple for handheld software


On Handhelds

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