Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Handheld Computer Use By Librarians in Experience Library/ Computers in Libraries

The Experience Library
has just opened up in Cerritos Library in California. Among many creative and exciting things, this
"new model for public libraries in the 21st century" it also features staff using wireless headsets
and handheld computers. WOW! I wonder if they have any job openings. Oops, forgot I am
very geographically bound. :) This from Computers in Libraries, April 2002. Visiting that library
would be worth a vacation. I hope they keep us up to date on all that is happening there.

This same page in Computers in Libraries
gives an announcement about the LSTA grant OSF Saint Francis
Medical Center
and the the University of
Illinois at Chicago Library of the Health Sciences-Peoria
are hosting on pdas June 7. Thanks, Computers
in Libraries!

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