Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Leave the laptop at home! Take the handheld to do your power point presentation!

This may be one of the "killer apps" for handheld computers. If you ever wondered why
you might want a handheld, or if you love handhelds and want a nifty application, read the rest of this! Margi
Presenter to Go
, (I don't know why it is called Margi), is a plug-in for your Handspring Visor,
Handera, or certain types of Pocket pcs that you can use
with a digital projector to present a power point, or to display files from your handheld. (Where is
Palm?) If you've had to lug a projector and laptop, leave the laptop at home and take your
presentation on your handheld. Also,
if you have ever tried to project a presentation on handheld computing using a palm emulator
or palm screen shots, you will know what a hassle it can be. The emulator is touchy!
What a nifty piece of software/hardware Margi is! You install the software on your pc and go into Power Point.
There is an icon on power point "M". You click that to turn any Power point into a presentation
to load on your handheld. After it converts your presentation, you pop it into the queue for hot
sync to your handheld. After hotsyncing, the presentation is ready to go on your handheld!
It does not support animation, sound or video in Power Points, but my
Power points don't have these anyway. What a small price to pay for such convenience.
I have a number of presentations coming up for which I want to use power point and
display handheld applications. Thanks to Margi, I don' t need a laptop! Since I don't have
one, this is a good thing. No more laptop envy for me. You can even plop a keyboard on
to your handheld while it is hooked up to the projector so you can maneuver files on your
handheld for display on the screen. Well, this week as I discover the wonders of Margi, I
will share them with you. Is anyone else using this? Let me know.

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