Thursday, April 25, 2002

TechRepublic Support of PDAs

The TechRepublic, a free subscription content and tech support portal, is beginning to have articles on supporting palms and other PDAs in enterprise environments, like this one entitled "PDA virus protection: Are your users' devices safe?" by Patricia Cardoza. I think will see a lot more of these types of articles in the future. Hopefully, they'll help make our job easier.


83bj60 said...

I came here looking desperately for PDA support on techrepublic, you know, A PDA FRIENDLY VERSION OF THIS EXTREMELY BLOATED SITE, and it would seem no one cares about how frustrating and aggravating this site is to use, especially from a PDA.

That site is probably the most packaging intensive, most multi layered and politically correct, bloated and frustrating tech site there is to navigate and get simple information from.

A simple 2 page paper requires megabytes of junk to sift through and many clicks many of which simply don't work even a windows mobile based (never mind a so-called smartphone!) phone.

When I think that people complain about TV being 40% commercials, they forget that many internet sites such as Techrepublic are 99% junk and only 1% content by bandwidth and by links as well!

Grace Lee said...

At the bottom I clicked on the "mobile" link and got this version: