Monday, April 22, 2002

Adventures with PrintBoy

Today was a great adventure! Knowing it does not take much to excite
me or make me happy, let me tell you I was a happy camper today!
What program do you use to print from your pda?

We decided to try
PrintBoy, whose logo is a little blonde boy in a blue shirt holding up a printout,
is the "most popular" IR print program for pdas! Even when you install PrintBoy on your pda,
the icon for the program is the little blonde boy. He is a happy little blonde boy with a great
big smile! Imagine your pda with all these functional, boring black and white icons and then
this colorful smiling little blonde boy with a print out in hand. I don't know why PrintBoy tickles me so,
but it does. I am giving a presentation tomorrow and I think I will start off with the personalities
of planet pda: printboy, Margi (of Margi presenter-to-go), and Epocrates (of drug information fame).
Does anyone else have any pda jargon or software names that make you smile? Please share them.
oh, there is also Plucker, Mazingo, Avantgo, Vindigo, ....

Printboy works like a charm though. I installed a trial and had it working within an hour.
This was amazing to me, as I expected to spend the whole afternoon on it. PrintBoy's
excitement and friendly smile kept me going throughout the installation to my pc and
the sync to my handheld. The documentation was excellent and within another few minutes,
I had tentatively set up my visor with its IR port lined up just so next to the printer IR and
tapped on the "print" command next to the smiling blonde boy on my handheld. Voila!
An entry from the address book printed out nice and clear! I was so surprised it worked
that I actually jumped in surprise and said "ohhh" so loud that one of our customers using
a computer eyed the handheld and then me suspiciously. I pointed at the handheld and
sighed "Print boy! I printed from my pda and I didn't expect it to print!" He kind of just
nodded like people do when they are just going along with you and returned his eyes quickly to his
computer screen.

Well, Printboy made my day!

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