Friday, May 31, 2002

Australian E-Book Newsletter

Bruce Preston, editor of The Australian E-book Newsletter
( has just made my whole week! Thank you very much, Bruce!
I encourage all of you to look at his beautifully designed website chock full of information about e-books in all formats:
those for devices and those on the Internet such as netLibrary, Questia, and ebrary.

The April newsletter: "This April quarterly newsletter is intended as the last before the site is re-launched to become a full Australian e-book portal website....The e-book itself - halting in its development, flawed in its implementation, yet full of immeasurable promise for the future - is perhaps a fitting metaphor for the continuing struggle of the human race to improve itself."
As Bruce plans for this site expansion, he is planning to feature many PDA resources, since this is where a lot of
the present e-book action is.

Bruce, good luck with your expansion efforts! Keep us all updated, and I look forward to the resources you
will have on e-books and PDAs! Thanks again!

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