Friday, May 31, 2002

Hello! This blog was an unexpected outgrowth of a PDA project we
are doing at our hospital library. ( The project
website is

This blog is getting quite a few hits each day and our yahoogroup is growing.
Even though the project is ending, this blog will continue. As a way to help
us gage the impact/influence of this blog on you as a librarian, on your library,
on your perspective on PDAs or handheld computing and libraries, would
you mind sharing your thoughts with me ( or the list
at This would be great if you are willing
to do this. You can answer some of the questions below or just share your thoughts.

How did you find out about this blog?
What type of information shared on this blog has been most helpful?
Has this blog helped in a project you are doing at your library? If so, could you tell
us a little about the project and how this blog has helped?
Has this blog influenced the way you view PDAs/handheld devices/technology in the library field?
If so, how?
How could this blog be improved?


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Anonymous said...

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