Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Movies on the pocket pc/tablet pc news

Mark Glissmeyer, webmaster of PDA support,
bought somepocket pc films and shared this experience: (thanks, Mark!)
"I notice you mentioned those Pocket PC Films on your site, and I just bought a few to try out. One of the ones I got will not fit on a 128 MB card, so a 256 MB would be needed. For example, the Funny Flix pack has three movies, Africa Screams, His Girl Friday, and My Dear Secretary at 110 MB, 128 MB, and 132 MB in size. These three are 80 minutes, 92 minutes, and 95 minutes in length. Another one I have is Cult Classics and those two movies are 61 minutes and 67 minutes and 86 MB and 96 MB in size respectively. SO 4 out of these five will fit individually on a 128 MB card, but not quite all.

Another issue is getting the movie on your memory card. I couldn’t by using the standard hotsync drag and drop method, or using the included loader that comes with the movies. Either way I could load about 20 MB of a movie and things would grind to a halt. Might be my software or XP or something else, but I have ordered a product to move files like this to my CF card more easily I think will work-

SanDisk SDDR-31-01 USB Imagemate CompactFlash Card Reader

It should arrive in a couple of days and I will let you know how it does.

Also, you can view these movies on your PC besides your Pocket PC. They seem to have done a wonderful job of getting the quality correct on the older movies as it looks great on mine. I would say it appears to be about 80% of TV quality as a guess. There are slight scratches in the sound and picture quality isn’t perfect, but for the movie size they look very good!

Of the two CD’s above I mentioned the Funny Flix one is the better one. The Abbot and Costello movie is a laugher"

Barbara Fullerton shares this news on tablet pcs: (thanks, Barbara!)

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