Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal via Avantgo and others mobile service providers seems to be transitioning to a paid service. I discovered this earlier this morning when I tried to use Avantgo to access the Wall Street Journal and got a message "Access Denied --- The page you requested is available only to users of the Wall Street Journal Online Mobile and Wireless Services partner sites...." The note went on to say that I could subscribe to a two week trial of the Wall Street Journal.

I was a little disappointed as I had been scanning WSJ headlines this way for months. Even more frustrating is that the blurb on the Avantgo site gives no indication that you must register separately with the Wall Street Journal for this channel to work. I resynced my device with the link from WSJ's site only to get the message "To Subscribe to The Wall Street Journal Online go to " On the upside, at least I can see today's headlines.

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