Saturday, June 08, 2002

CogniQ Review; other handheld news

This from Wireless Medical Applications:CogniQ Review:
CogniQ is a comprehensive Mobile Knowledge Management solution offered by
Unbound Medicine.

Available content channels include:

* MEDLINE Journals and A2Z Drug Facts
* MEDLINE Journals and Drug Interaction Facts
* MEDLINE Journals and Guide to Natural Products
* MEDLINE Journals, A2Z Drug Facts, and Drug Interaction Facts
* MEDLINE Journals, A2Z Drug Facts, Drug Interaction Facts, and Guide to
Natural Products

CogniQ by Unbound Medicine is the same search engine that powers ovid@
hand for Ovid.

E-Ink and Lexica Viewer
Barbara Fullerton shares these announcements from Planet E-book
___ E Ink unveils displays for phones and handhelds
E Ink has announced the development of world's
thinnest active-matrix displays and recently
demonstrated the technology at the Society for
Information Display Symposium, Seminar and
Exhibition, in Boston, Massachusetts. The company
has shown two prototype displays, one (1.6 inch
diagonal, 80 ppi) for small devices like cell
phones, the other (240x160 pixel, 96ppi) for
slightly larger handheld devices like PDAs and eBook

___ Qvadis releases Lexica viewer
Palm handheld and Windows desktop software and eBook
company Qvadis has announced the release of Lexica.
According to the company the new reference viewing
software gives Palm OS users simple access to a
multilingual translator. Add-ins for languages
including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
and Portuguese can be used with the viewer.

Thanks, Barbara!

The PDA Conference at University of Illinois College of Medicine Peoria
co-hosted with OSF Saint Francis Medical Center and funded by an LSTA
Grant from the Illinois State Library was wonderful! It was great to meet many
of you and to hear about your experiences with libraries and PDAs!
I hope to post more information later, and the presentations, etc. will
be posted on our website sometime next week. I will let you know when.
Highlights of the conference included Mari Stoddard and her wonderful
keynote speech. If you have not had a chance to meet Mari, or attend
one of her PDA CE's at an MLA conference, I encourage you to do so!
She knows her subject, is willing to share her knowledge and talks about
it in terms all of us can understand. Thanks, Mari! It was a true pleasure
to be able to meet the Queen of PDAs in libraries and an honor to have
her at our conference!

It was also great to have Tom Peters, of the CIC, our project evaluator there
for the day. He was a panel moderator and did a wonderful job of summing
up the day, the project, and future roles for libraries in this exciting technology!
His power point slides are packed with great information and we will be posting
them to the website too.

The doctors we had on the panel presentation were great too. We had a medical
student, Ken Smith; Dr. Tom Foster; Dr. Sara Rusch; and Dr. John Hafner. They
are all supportive of libraries and Dr. Rusch really talked about the changing role
of libraries and how they can best support patrons/medical professionals specificly
with information and technology training. Dr. Hafner talked about his experience
in using his PDA and knowledge management resources in the emergency room and
the impact these have had on his practice of medicine.

It was a wonderful day, and I will update you when the website is updated and
the presentations are up.

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